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life, long term care, disability, and annuities.

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Back Office Support System

BOSS provides instant access to managing the lifecycle of your policies. Inforce policy status, values, and beneficiaries for multiple carriers are in one location allowing you to efficiently service and market.

View appointments, cases, commissions, quotes, and reporting for you and your entire agency.

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Quote and Apply

Quote and Apply

A beautiful, optimized, cross-device quote and electronic application tool, built to live on your website.


Built to scale

Have sub-producers, an established agency, RIA, or broker-dealer? BackNine can deliver you with a global view of your brokers and their appointments, cases, commissions, and production. It's time to have a centralized, organized, and connected portal that makes your job easier.

Start by adding users and you'll be a click away from growing your agency. BackNine has made it easy to be compensated by allowing you the ability to setup hierarchies and delegating commission schedules.

BackNine's advantages

Advanced Case Design

A dedicated sales desk, internal, and external wholesaler are ready to help you design and plan tailored solutions.


Frequent webinars, seminars, in person training, and weekly emails highlighting industry updates, sales ideas, and marketing tools.


Utilize underwriting tools such as quick quotes, informal inquiries, XRAE, and BackNine's carrier relationships to deliver superior underwriting offers.


Custom branded policy reviews, fact finders, and sales presentations to deliver professional presentations.

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Mark Tattersall
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Vice President
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Brokerage Director
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Brokerage Director
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Brokerage Director
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Brokerage Director
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Internal Wholesaler
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Senior Case Manager
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Kimberly Trupiano
Case Manager
Pearl Kaplan
Corporate Secretary
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Commissions Specialist
Jonathan Wright
Marketing Director
Daniel Gates
Sales Representative

Our Carriers

Providing innovative products, sales support, and underwriting programs from the industries leading insurance carriers.

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