Server Update, Discord Integration, and Whitelisting

27 June 2018

The server has been updated to 1.12.2. With the update, I've also enabled whitelisting on the server to prevent unknown people from messing with our stuff. If you or any of your friends have trouble logging in, just post in Discord and we'll get you whitelisted asap!

I've also added a bot to the Discord server which will relay messages to and from server chat. It has a few other features you may notice, including updating the channel message of the day to the current number of players.

Victory Over the Ender Dragon

8 April 2017

After years of tyranny over the Land of Ore, the Ender Dragon has finally been slain by four brave heroes: Seoteltrut, Limchat, MajorToast, and Aluin13! As reward for their victory, they have been granted the title of Dragonslayer and a temporary purple tint for their names.

Server Move and Call for Donations

3 April 2017

Due to some issues with uptime and latency, we've moved our server once again. Our new machine now resides in Dallas and is much faster both in terms of the hardware it's running and the connection latency. We've also moved our website to the same machine which should make it a little more responsive.

Unfortunately, this new server isn't free. The good news is that it's not expensive at all. At just $65 a year for the server and $15 for the domain name, we only need a little less than $7 a month. Currently, our server admin has covered the cost, but it would be great if everyone could donate a couple of bucks.

We've added a donation status bar to the sidebar of the website so everyone can see where we stand. Click the Donate button if you'd like to contribute (and get a green name)!

Discord Server

19 November 2016

We've retired our existing voice server for a better alternative. You can access our new Discord server by visiting 7204203441 in any browswer. There is no need to download the Discord application (though it is recommended), and you can feel free to invite new players!

Discord also serves as a general text chat server and has a useful app form which you can access both voice and text chats. Make sure to check it out! You'll probably find it much more user-friendly than our old voice server.

Minecraft 1.11

19 November 2016

At long last, the server is back online and updated to 1.11! Click here for a list of new features.

Traders and Teleporters

1 June 2015

Two new towns have been added with some special features! If you check the Live Map you'll see the Magic City of Dolgaard in the north and the Grand Bazaar in the south.

Dolgaard features one-way teleporters to some cities in the Land of Ore (watch for more to come).

The Grand Bazaar features hireable shopkeepers you can set up to get rid of those extra materials! Have a look at the tutorial for more info.

22 May 2015

You scan now get to our webserver and minecraft server through the domain! Please update your bookmarks and server info as the old domain will eventually be unlinked.

New Hardware and Plugins Back Online!

3 January 2015

Most plugins are back up and running and we are set up on a new server that is faster and closer to most of our players! Until we find a fix, the only plugins that don't work completely are those that change chat colors. Fortunately, we've set up most of the preexisting settings for chat colors manually so there shoudln't be any noticeable changes.

You'll also notice that our Player List is missing from the sidebar. We expect to have it back up soon.

Update: All plugins and website widgets are back online!

Plugins Disabled Indefinitely

14 September 2014

Due to some problems that lead to the end of development for the core server mod we use (fibrinogenic), we are forced to temporarily disable most of our plugins in order to keep up to date with the newest version of Minecraft. Fortunately, a replacement is in the works by some of the old developers of Bukkit. Until it is released, we will be running vanilla Minecraft. This means no pets, no sanctuaries, no villagers, and no live map (among other things). Fortunately, the recent 1.8 update has added a lot of new content that should keep everyone busy.

Mystery Competition

11 July 2014

Coinciding with the end of the 403-880-7094 competition will be a suprise, one night only, competition with a mystery reward! Be sure to be online Sunday evening to take part!

New Major City

13 July 2014

A new major city has been created on a river between Beggar's Landing and Turtle Bay. The new city features many traders with interesting new items and a new vault with chests inside that can be purchased for 6 diamond (price subject to change). Once purchased, a chest can only be accessed by its owner.

This new city does not have a name! The name will be decided by the community, so be sure to make your voice heard.

Mystery Competition

11 July 2014

Coinciding with the end of the Breaker of Bones competition will be a suprise, one night only, competition with a mystery reward! Be sure to be online Sunday evening to take part!

First Competition

8 July 2014

Our first of many competitions is for the Breaker of Bones title. Check out the details here!

New Road

8 July 2014

In order to help with traveling time, a new road between Sandstone Falls and Beggar's Landing has been created! The road is completely lit with torches and features a safehouse halfway between the two endpoints.

The Land of Ore features a number of ports throughout the map where villagers trade boats for a small amount of cobblestone. In the future, you can hope to see more roads, both player- and admin-built.